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newbanniereLOGO.jpg is made up of a small team of passionate people that work hard everyday to promote culture, encourage curiosity & expand horizons for a more open minded world! You love  Help us take our adventure to the next level with LE GLOBE project!
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Just plug in the machine, it will connect to your wifi and to our database.

All that’s left to do is to roam the backlit globe, adjust to your decade of choice through the temporal selection module and to let yourself be carried away by the most beautiful musical collection in the world.

If you’re smoking a joint at home, press the Slow mood button.

If you have friends barging in unannounced with champagne in hand, go onto the Fast mood. As for the Weird mode, it’s up to you to decide when it will be useful in your life.

Le Globe Radiooooo, it’s the pleasure of possessing beautiful things, being able to manipulate and play with them. It is produced with quality materials, fabricated and assembled by the finest artisans. Forget your multifunctional telephones.

It is also the possibility to offer your ears an infinite world of musical discoveries, curated with love by a crew of passionate melomaniacs that update your musical library on a daily basis.

The project is still in the midst of its functional prototype phase.
With your support , we are aiming to present our machine in Paris in mid-June!

(a part of) The team !

(a part of) The team !


Listen to the world in 4 dimensions with an interactive map of the world & a decade selector on a beautiful connected object. We are working on it!

Le Globe Radiooooo, it is a piece of Science Fiction landing in your living room !




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Project's original idea by Olivier Ros , developed in collaboration with Radioooooo.


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