Manfredas at Boiler Room

Manfredas at Boiler Room

Your first musical revelation ? 

My dad with his old russian car and i think he had cut the muffler so it would make noise like a sports car and he was wearing leather gloves and we were speeding and roaring with windows open with tape deck distorting poor Slade track from a back seat. I believe this could be the moment when i realised how awesome it feels by just playing loud music to other people. Also i was very impressed by a guy who was putting a big speaker outside his window and playing “Dur Dur D’etre Bebe” to all the block every single day. Smoking cigarattes and playing this one terrible track all day long. So cool. These are childhood memories. Then it was pirate Sepultura tapes and first rap records. I was hip hop dj in the school, but then i went to daytime djing Dr. Alban’s music on the radio and playing Prince at the stipclubs at night to make a living.  I did not turn up at the real clubs until i was i like 23. Big slap in my face was hearing 2ManyDjs at Rosklide festival around 2004 playing electroclash. I was so amazed that I think it was the reason i decided to have another serious shot at DJing.

Your first memory as a DJ ? 

As me & my best buddy were the only people in school down for rap music we were only aloud to do these 15 minutes sets during the discoteques. Strange now to think why the hell one needs to go on stage to play something that nobody really likes. I think it was a nightmare to all the kids hearing Public Enemy because everybody wanted Lambada or Kelly Family. But boy how joyfull these minutes were each time for us DJS and the only dancers at the same time. It really felt that we had something special, nobody else did.


Your favorite place to DJ?

Dunes of Neringa, a place in Lithuania. Im happy to be a part of Opium club’s summer festival “Ant Bangos” every summer. It’s very special. Also you might get lucky and get into one of our illegal raves we do every four years. I just played on Mayan Warrior in the desert, at the Burning Man. It was definetely one of the best DJ experiences too.

How do you search for your music? 

I still buy lots of real records when i travel and rip them to play. Bandcamp is most def my favorite place to shop online for digital. Also i follow a lot of users on youtube, soundcloud, twitter. A lot of crazy, very rare stuff gets uploaded and shares by some music freaks. Then finding the physical copy is the easy part. 

Your favorite destination in the world and why?

Well its all about friends, food and music, isn’t it? I miss Tel Aviv, Marseille or Montreal always, i love my folks in Mexico and food there is the best. London is probably my favorite city to be, but i just moved out of it and havent’s really made up my mind yet where i wanna move next. Im in L.A. right now, i like it more and more each day. With all its flaws and weirdos i still like America very much.



If you had to chose a theme song for the film of your life what would it be?



According to you, which artists are worth following right now?

Dane/Close is very cool, my friends Otto and Odopt have to make it big time. Russian Girls from Rekjavik - is not only the crazy good name, but dope music too.

Wah Wah Wino and Idle Press are releasing incredible stuff. I just remixed this girl band Deaf Chonky from Red Axes label. All the stuff Sharif Laffey is making right now is sick. 

What are your next big dates?

I just finished my little American tour. Will be playing Vegan Pop festival in Paris this Saturday with Acid Arab. I will also be doing my first shows in Brazil and Peru with Thomas Von Party in November. 



Drawing by Benjamin Moreau

Drawing by Benjamin Moreau




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