Drawing by Benjamin Moreau

Drawing by Benjamin Moreau

When you look at your self in the mirror, what do you see ?

It depends on the day. I can be honest with myself but would certainly not tell you. 

From history’s point of view, what are we meant to take from Ivan Smagghe up till now

History? Probably only moments in time. I would rather other people answer this, to actually know what your legacy is is extremely pretentious. I'm just trying to "enjoy" myself which is, at some point, hopefuly enjoyable to others. 


What goes through Ivan Smagghe’s mind most of the time?


Too much. I'm an introvert. Books, movies, music and ideas on one side, existential worries on the other.  But once again, my personal/private is only to be shared by fragments. 

How do you feel about this period that surrounds you ?

How could I feel good? It's pretty fucked if you ask about the world in general. I feel like like I have a feet in the old pre or proto digital world and another in a present I have trouble to accept sometimes. Paradigm shift and being 46. 

What did les DDLM look like in 2014 ?

A family run shop?

What would les DDLM look like in 2022 ?

Probably the same. I have very little ambition but releasing the records I like. It does not shine but it's honest. 

On a day to day basis, how does the label DDLM work ?

Leon, Ed and I do the little work needing to be done when it needs to be done. A labour of love should be just that. 

Drawing by Noemi Ferst (Thank you :)

Drawing by Noemi Ferst (Thank you :)

How do you meet artist you collaborate with ? 

Some are old friends, some are new encounters, some are close and others further away. The thing we set up right in the beginning was the rule of no rule. 

What are the important dates for you and the label ?

The beginning and probably LDDLM15, Grieve not but Try again.

The type of music you compose and produce is relatively absent from traditionnal media (tv or radio) how do you broadcast your music ?

Well, instrumental electronic music is generally absent from radios. I'm not sure they matter at our level anyway. Records are in the shops and Bandcamp is more and more important for us. 

If you can teleport yourself which time and place do you choose ?

Too many: Somewhere between California in the 60's and the Spanish Civil war. 

Marco Dos Santos' Drawing of Ivan Smagghe. (Thanks you :)



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