leCLUB island November update

This month, Les Disques de la Mort are running Le CLUB!

The French label was founded and is run by Ivan Smagghe & Leon Oakey, who’ve made their intentions quite clear in delivering to the people “Music that we love, Music that we hate. As long as it does not fit. Ever. There is no point in defining what we do not want to kill. Death is silent we are not.”

Les Disques de la Mort throws you into an abyss of cold noise, rhythms and voices, with elements that you don’t understand how they could blend impeccably together. But they and that will make you keep on asking for more. This is what they unapologetically do and this is what we want to dance to.

The label take its name from the french pun “Killer Records”, that moment when you listen to a track for the first time and are inexplicably possessed by the track, that is what they do. They do so with such haunting ease with the help of the rest of the crew including Manfredas, Margot, Rheinzand, Save!, DJ Oil, C.A.R., Golden Bug ‎and very many other friends.

So head on over to the “killer records” Le CLUB and experience a dancing trance moment like no other.

(Drawing by Noemi Ferst)

(Drawing by Noemi Ferst)

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