We met Psycho Phono through their rising Youtube Channel full of musical treasures.
They collect nuggets around tropical countries & just share their passion
for the finest psychedelic and folk music.

As an introduction we just want to share the first song we discovered by their introduction with this incredible Disco Hit from India that blasted our minds here at
just close your eyes and enjoy:

Discover the special Playlist they kindly made for us here:

Of course, all these tracks join your ocean of treasures :)


Hey Guys, where do you come from ?

We are both Italian based in Milan. a place well known for fashion, business and the fog but with a vibrant underground culture.

Can you draw a map of the world with your memory ?

The world by PsychoPhono :)

The world by PsychoPhono :)

How did you started your youtube channel ?

We wanted to share our music discoveries and don't keep them secretly, trying to create a world trip that combines music, visual entertainment and an educational side.

We thought that youtube could be one of the best way to reach more people.

Our channel contains music from all around the world, especially the folk and psychedelic side of the tropical countries. You can get hypnotized by a guitar solo full of saudade played by Angolan musicians, transported into an Arabesque taverne with bouzouki players and then have a cocktail of indigenous rhythms, Carribean percussions and flute improvisations.

How do you find your musical gems ?

The best way to dig our music is connecting to local people while travelling, we have collected some of our best records during our trips to Thailand, Brasil, North Africa and also in Europe (France Portugal, Greece and England).

We also found great music dealers in local flea markets and vinyl international fair.a funny episode happened to us when we were digging in Naples and we connected with a dealer of records that recovered vinyls from people who died after the funeral.

Internet is another good way for digging.

We got inspiration from great labels as Disco Fuentes, Rebita, Debs, Voix D'Orient and also from the amazing job of Soundway, Analog Africa, Ostinato Records, Hot Casa and many others.

Could you draw an autoportrait for us ? 

PsychoPhono Autoportrait :)

PsychoPhono Autoportrait :)

What is you goal in 10 years for Psycho Phono ?

We want to spread the folk and traditional sounds of every part of the world and don't let them get lost. We'd like to develop our web channels and propose our DJ sets in Italy and in the rest of the world.

We are open to any innovative idea that, for example, can be connected with a wider sensory experience rather than hearing alone: visual (cinema and documentaries), taste and flavour (food and drink).

In the future we would like to issue our productions, not just mixtapes as we have done so far, but to re-edit and work with musicians who can join our project

Thanks Sports ! Let's keep the good work :)






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